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The Sad Squirrel

Rochelle drew these animal pictures for a recent homework assignment.  Mom and I thought the squirrel was dead, but she said no, it’s a sad squirrel.  I definitely agree that it looks pretty sad, but for some reason, I just crack up laughing every time I look at it.  I don’t understand why, but that’s what happens. 


Rochelle Is Off To A Great Start In Kindergarten

Oldest daughter Rochelle received her first achievement award at Kindergarten this week for the momentous accomplishment of writing her name without tracing over an outline.  Hopefully it’s the first step toward a distinguished academic career 🙂

Why And

Some of my readers with sharp eyes may have noticed that I post on both and If you did happen to notice, you may have wondered why I have two blogs with essentially the same domain name.  My intent is to write about topics of personal interest, promote my consulting services, and promote future products on  I intend for to be shared with other family members as a place to talk about family events and funny/interesting things that my kids do. I don’t intend to promote any products or services on

So today, I am posting a video of my oldest daughter’s kindergarten achievement award on, and I am posting a review of Dave Navarro’s 7 Steps To Playing A Much Bigger Game on  I hope you enjoy your visit to whichever blog interests you.  Of course you’re always welcome to read both 🙂

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