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Blog suffers near-death experience


OK, so I moved.  Is that an excuse?  Well maybe.  Trying to manage a full time job, two kids, moving, and keeping a long-time consulting client happy dealt my newly formed blogging habit a severe setback.  But I’m happy to announce that recovery is in now in progress.  Things still may be slow

Photo by lisaandalec

for another week or two as I focus on getting a short sale done on my old house.  We are happy with our new house, and I’m surely happy to have FIOS.

I have several post ideas and some new websites to bring up over the next few weeks.  I plan to blog about the short sale, my killer new home network, and whatever else comes to mind. As soon as the new webs are up I’ll post some links. 

Last but not least, I’m now on Twitter as @MikeStankavich and on Facebook.  Feel free to look me up and drop a follow or friend request my way.

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